Hi There….

I have so many things I want to talk about in my very first blog post but I will start out simple and sweet! I want to tell you my story but I won’t overwhelm you with all of the details right away. I was motivated to create this blog because I wanted to share my journey about how I overcame and am still overcoming some serious health issues. For the past three years or so I have had multiple issues such as: lead toxicity, candida, weakened immune system, migraines, circulation/ nervous system problems, extreme weight gain and loss, and neck and back pain. I have spent the past two years trying many different things and ways to feel healthy again. I am feeling ALOT better than I did when I first found out about all of my heath problems. My symptoms are few and far between now and I believe I am on the homestretch to recovery. However, I am still working to better myself everyday and cleanse my body from the inside-out. Here at Simple and Sweet I will be sharing everything I have learned throughout my journey to optimum health. I will be sharing all of my favorite food and body-care recipes and I will be talking about essential oils, supplements, and homeopathic remedies. I will also discuss how to incorporate honey into your everyday living and so much more!

Live simply,